Episode 13: Effective Use of Your Ministry Website and Email Marketing

Despite all the hype and popularity around social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, your ministry website and email marketing are still the best tools for you to use in your ministry. Why is that? Simple: you have full control.

In this episode, Chris and John explore some rules and best practices regarding the use of your website and email marketing for your church and ministry.

Episode 12: Greeters, Ushers, and Hospitality: Helping People Feel Welcomed at Church

Do people feel welcome in your church? That is a question that all ministry leaders need to ask themselves. In this episode of The Church Podcast, Chris and John explore strategies for being intentional about developing a ministry of hospitality.

Episode 11: Volunteers or Ministers? Shifting the Culture of our Church

Volunteers are not just volunteers. How do we move them to think about their role more as a minister as opposed to just a volunteer? This requires a change in the way we think as disciples and our role in the Church.

Inspired by an email from one of our listeners, Chris Wesley and John Rinaldo delve more deeply into the role of volunteers in the Church.

Episode #8: The Role of a Ministry Leader at Christmas

Christmas is a time when many people come back to Church. As a ministry leader in your parish, what role should you play at Christmas? Should you be at every Mass on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Join John and Chris as they discuss the realities of being a church leader during Christmas.

Episode #7: Minister to Others, Rooted in God

To work in ministry, you have to want it. It can be painstakingly challenging as much as it is joyful. To stay on the joyful side requires a deep and personal connection with God. Join Chris and John as they share their own spiritual journey and how they’ve maintained that relationship.

Episode #6: Living Out the Church’s Call to Justice

The Church is clear. We have a responsibility to help and serve others. Social justice is not just a “nice thing to do” in the Church. It’s a way of life. In this episode, we discuss opportunities to be intentional about justice and service in our Church.

Episode #5: Navigating the Choppy Waters of School vs. Church

If there is one universal reality in the Catholic Church is that the relationship between and the parish and it’s school is choppy at best. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Join Chris and John as they break down different strategies to bridge that relationship.

Episode 4: Without A Vision What’s The Point?

In this episode of The Church Podcast Chris and John talk about the importance of thinking big picture when it comes to local church ministry. If a church staff doesn’t know the WHY behind what they are doing then they will struggle. When a church has a vision the people THRIVE.