Episode 3: Small Groups Lead To BIG Life Change

In the third episode of The Church Podcast Chris and John discuss all things small groups. When your church embraces a small group model not only will people connect in community but lives will change for Christ.

Join them as they break down some of the basic principles and strategies to growing a small group program for kids, teens and adults in the local parish.

Episode 2: Volunteers, I know I need them, but how do I get them?

In this second episode John and Chris discuss one of the most important assets of the local church…volunteers. Most of us know that we can’t reach others without volunteers, the question becomes, “How do we get them?”

John and Chris share their experience and different methods and strategies they’ve used to recruit, train and invest in a dynamic team of volunteers.

Episode 1: Rebuilding Youth Ministry 2.0

What would you do if you could start over? In the first episode of the Church Podcast, co host Chris Wesley shares what he has learned in his new parish. Together him and John look at which principles and practices from Church of the Nativity (Chris’ previous parish) work and which ones needed tweaking. For more on Chris’ story check out his book Rebuilding Youth Ministry.

To learn more about Chris and John are doing check out their sites:

Chris Wesley – Marathon Youth Ministry

John Rinaldo – JohnRinaldo.com

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